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Todd Pearsall`s Insights on the Value of Lighting Designers

Calander Image 10/20/2017
Interview with Filament Lighting and Home owner, Todd Pearsall, by MN renovator and remodeler, Purcell Quality, Inc.

Todd was recently interviewed by Purcell Quality, Inc and shared some valuable insights on the importance of working with lighting designers. Here's a portion of his interview:


How a Lighting Designer Can Help You

Home lighting has come a long way from candles and oil lamps. From the first electric bulbs to today’s smart LED fixtures, lighting has become a central feature of residential design.


And just like interior paint colors or kitchen cabinets, there are an overwhelming number of lamps, pendants, and sconces to choose from. Not to mention countless ways you can arrange and layer your lights.


“It’s interesting because almost everybody comes in scared to death about lighting,” Pearsall observes. “They look online and it's overwhelming; there’s so much to choose from.”  


This is just one reason homeowners should consult a lighting designer for their remodel or new construction. Lighting design is not just about choosing an attractive finish to complement your home’s overall style, it’s also about thinking through how you use light every hour of the day.



The Filament Lighting Design Process

“At Filament, we spend time really getting to know our customers before we even start looking at lighting,” says Pearsall. “We ask lots of questions about how they use their space and make suggestions based on what we learn, rather than just going through catalogs and walking the showroom picking something because it's pretty.”


Pearsall and his team use clients’ tastes and lifestyles as the starting point in a collaborative design process that leaves homeowners satisfied and confident in their lighting choices.


Forget about another trip to Home Depot where you’ll spend an hour staring blankly at a jumbled aisle of lighting fixtures. When a customer walks into the Filament showroom looking for help, ninety percent of the time a lighting designer will go to their home for a personal consultation.


“We can look at a blueprint all day long, but when you get in the space it looks different,” says Pearsall. “We always do a walkthrough with the client to make sure we get the right amount of light in a space.”


To prevent clients from becoming confused or overwhelmed by the thousands of lighting options, Pearsall aims to show them three items he is confident they’ll be happy with.


“When they go home they know they may not be getting exactly what they had in mind walking in, but they are getting the finishes, colors, and feel that they want,” explains Pearsall. “And once it’s installed they are surprised by how much they like the light that we found for them.”


We greatly appreciate the time that Purcell Quality, Inc. took to interview Todd for this article! (Additional portions of Todd's interview will be shared on this blog in the near future.)