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Meet Dabren

Calander Image 5/21/2018
Get to know Filament`s newest Lighting Designer and Sales Representative, Dabren.

Get to know Filament's newest Lighting Designer and Sales Representative, Dabren, via the Q&A below! 

Q: Where did you go to school?

A: Century College

Q: What degree did you graduate with? 

A: Associates in Interior Design

Q: Were you doing any design work before Filament? If so, can you tell me more about that work and how long you have been working in the field?

A: I started out at Pottery Barn Maple Grove for about 2 years as a Design Specialist. Focused more on furniture, did house calls and sold other decorative pieces to complete the room design. Then I moved on to Minnesota Tile and Stone in Plymouth. There, I designed full bathrooms and kitchens mostly (sometimes other areas in the home) pertaining to flooring, walls and countertops. I've also assisted designers with both residential and commercial projects as an assistant. 

Q: Why did you get into lighting design?

A: Throughout design school I've been intrigued with lighting and realized the importance lighting has on every aspect of design. From sourcing out the right jewelry for the room (fixture design) to picking correct lamp (bulbs), all can make or break a full room design. Doesn't matter what fabulous furniture and fabric was picked out, lighting can and will enhance them. So it was a natural next step for me when the opportunity presented itself.

Q: So far, what's your favorite part about your position? 

A: Getting familiar with the fixtures. I love all the beautiful pieces and helping clients with finding the right piece for their space is very satisfying.

Q: What special skill do you bring to the Filament team? 

A: I think coming in with a little bit of a design background has helped both myself and the team. There's still lots to learn but I'm a quick study especially in a field I'm very passionate about.

Q: Describe your personal design style. Has it been influenced in any way?

A: I tend to lean a little more modern but with an edge. I love the funky pieces and mixing finished and styles. I like to push customers a little out of their comfort zone or as far as they would let me. I love organic pieces and colors.

Q: What's your favorite Filament fixture?

A: Love the dimension, texture and finish on this one! There is so much I have yet to uncover so I'm sure there are more that I will obsess over.


Q: What do you do in your spare time? 

A: I'm a winter baby but prefers summer weather and activities. I enjoy walking around (weather it's trails, around the lake, uptown/downtown mpls, museums) with friends, hanging out at a bar/restaurant talking or simply sitting at home, hanging out with my niece and nephew.

Q: If you have one piece of lighting advice for someone updating their home, what would it be? 

A: Refrain from picking out the same or similar fixture. You only change fixture every 5-10 years sometimes even more so why not change it up. You can still stay within the style of your home but pick something different. Keeps it new and exciting!