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Introducing our Newest Partner Lila Tully

Calander Image 9/26/2016
As our inventory has expanded and more and more folks are out there looking for the perfect lighting fixtures for their homes and businesses, we decided to add another wonderful person to our team!


Introducing Lila Tully, who now does our business outreach. Lila has joined our team to work on the business-to-business side of Filament Lighting. We work with interior designers, architects and builders in and around the Twin Cities, and in Lila’s new role she will foster our current relationships and help us garner new ones.

We looked to Lila for this position because she has played a pivotal role in the local design industry for many years. Lila previously owned Rubble Tile, a ceramic tile distributor based in the Twin Cities, for 16 years and sold it two years ago. During her time with Rubble Tile she worked with countless people in the industry, selling mid- to high-end ceramic tiles.

According to Lila, building a home or doing a remodel should be a fun process, and that’s what she wants to focus on at Filament Lighting – making it easier for the client to get their lighting, be happy and have a great experience with it.

Filament Lighting owner Todd Pearsall and Lila know each other through years of working in the industry with many of the same people. While Lila was in tile and Todd is in lighting, their paths still crossed numerous times. It was Lila’s great energy, passion and knowledge of the industry that compelled Todd to reach out to her about this new job opportunity.

“I choose to only work with really fun people who have a high level of integrity and a passion for what they’re doing,” Lila says. I’m really excited to work with Todd because of the quality of his products, his high level of service and the great customer experience he and his team provide. That’s what it’s all about – the experience. And I’m hoping to improve the already wonderful experience that Todd provides his customers.

We are thrilled to bring Lila Tully onto our team and we hope you get a chance to meet her!