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How to Get More Light After Daylight Savings Time Ends

Calander Image 12/23/2016
After Daylight Savings Time ends, the number of hours of natural light that`s available get reduced. Learn how artificial light can help that problem.

You’ve probably noticed by now that there’s not as many hours of daylight as there used to be. Why do we miss daylight so much? Light, especially natural light, plays a crucial role in our everyday activities.  We emotionally work and respond to things much better when there’s adequate light. While more hours of daylight can’t be added, artificial light can help lighten the way to more hours of success and achievement. Think of the hours of work and play that would be missed if there wasn’t artificial light. Outdoor baseball and football games would have to be scheduled during the day. And try reading or writing something with limited or no light in the early evening hours. It would be a real struggle. Artificial light then is a necessity.

While artificial light helps when the amount of daylight hours gets reduced in November each year, the amount of light that’s needed varies depending on the activities that we’re doing. If you need a work area to be illuminated, such as above a kitchen island or countertop, some nice pendants like this one could be your answer:


If you’re looking to brighten up an entire room and spread light into a much broader space, a three-light ceiling fixture like this one could be just what’s needed:

But what if you’re doing some reading or writing and only need just the right amount of light to see clearly what’s in front of you, but not so much as to fill up an entire room with light?  A table lamp like this one might be just what you’re looking for:

The style of the fixtures that you decide to use and that fit your needs is entirely up to you. Whether it’s a modern light fixture, contrast lighting or contemporary light fixtures, you’ll find many options and styles that can work for you.

Having less hours of daylight in a day can get some people down and sadly at times, even depressed. Knowing that there are artificial light options that can make the situation better and to help you accomplish what you need to get done helps brighten spirits and makes the wait until Daylight Savings Time arrives again, that much easier.