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Filament Lighting Now Carrying Cisco Brothers Earth-Friendly Products

Calander Image 9/21/2015
Filament Lighting is excited to announce that we now carry products by Cisco Brothers! This furniture and lighting company uses green materials and Earth-friendly building methods to create their beautiful products.

We are one of only a handful of retailers in the Twin Cities that carry Cisco Brothers! From dining room tables to modern light fixtures to mid century sofas, this company is replete with beautiful pieces.

To give you an idea of how great Cisco Brothers’ product line is, we’ve included a handful of their pieces below.

The box coffee table is a one-of-a-kind piece, as the slabs of wood vary from table to table. 

This metal basket lamp is not only beautiful, but it is made out of recycled metal, giving it that eclectic look that you can rarely find elsewhere.

This is a perfect example of why we love Cisco Brothers so much – their pieces are so unique and equally as lovely. The frames in their Basal Living collection are all built from FSC Certified hardwoods in combination with hemp, webbing, jute and burlap, while the legs are made of reclaimed wood. According to their website, the glues used in the creation of these products are all formaldehyde-free and the padding and cushions are made with100% pure natural latex and pesticide-free wool. 

The Artek Sofa comes in either leather or fabric, depending on your preference. It is also available in a couple of different sizes.

We’ll wrap up the roundup of some of our favorite Cisco Brothers products with this beautiful table lamp, which is made out of a vintage oil plug! It’s a pretty large lamp, too, as it reaches 17” high.

Do you get why we’re so excited to be carrying Cisco Brothers products now? Let us know if we can help you order any of the products, as we can order anything they have on their website!