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A New Chapter

Calander Image 4/30/2017
A new chapter starts on May 1,2017.

Monday, May 1, 2017 will be a celebration for us. 19 years ago, Filament Lighting and Home owner, Todd Pearsall, took out a small bank loan to get his business started. Despite a recession (which hit the housing market particularly hard) Filament’s business kept growing year after year. Which now leads us to the start of a new chapter of the company’s story, and that starts with a new location.



Our new location is in Edina, at 7123 France Avenue. To get a little bit more of the story behind the move and what to expect, here’s a little Q&A with owner Todd Pearsall:


What was the reasoning behind wanting to move from where you've been for 19 years?

Todd: It was a great opportunity to move up the ladder. We have a ton more exposure at the new location.


What will it feel like being in a new space to you after being in the same location for so many years?

Todd: I love that I get to build this location out like I wanted and didn't have to just adapt to what was here.


What can people expect in comparing the SLP location to the Edina location?

Todd: Better parking, larger showroom and a convenient location.


What do you hope that the customers will see/notice in the new store?

Todd: Current styles and great customer service!


Like any new chapter, it takes time for the full story to develop and to be able to see “the big picture”. We started the “Filament story” 19 years ago, and we’ve built a loyal following of customers who have become part of that story. Starting on Monday, we look forward to adding even more, helping them brighten and decorate their homes for many years to come!