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Exquisite Exteriors That Inspire Us
Our lighting designers show off inspiring exteriors with this curated list.
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7 Outdoor Lighting Tips
Our lighting experts give the scoop on creating your own backyard oasis here.
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Meet Dabren
Get to know Filament`s newest Lighting Designer and Sales Representative, Dabren.
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How to Make Your Space Look Bigger Using Lighting
By layering home lighting fixtures, you can instantly transform even the smallest room.
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Five Lighting Trends to Know in 2018
From crystal to brass, our home lighting experts share five lighting trends of 2018.
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Todd Pearsall`s Insights on the Value of Lighting Designers
Interview with Filament Lighting and Home owner, Todd Pearsall, by MN renovator and remodeler, Purcell Quality, Inc.
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A New Chapter
A new chapter starts on May 1,2017.
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New gallery and location announcements!
Details about the newest gallery in our showroom, along with a hint about our brand new location.
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How to Get More Light After Daylight Savings Time Ends
After Daylight Savings Time ends, the number of hours of natural light that`s available get reduced. Learn how artificial light can help that problem.
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Introducing our Newest Partner Lila Tully
As our inventory has expanded and more and more folks are out there looking for the perfect lighting fixtures for their homes and businesses, we decided to add another wonderful person to our team!
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Unique LED Lights: No Bulbs Necessary!
LED lighting has become increasingly widespread in recent years. It is a sustainable and efficient way to light your home, plus LED lights have much longer lifespans and lower heat generation than standard lighting. And in some cases, LED lighting has been written into legislation, requiring that all new construction in certain zones be equipped with the LED option.
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Trend Watch: Industrial Light Fixtures and Home Accessories
The industrial look of old warehouses has been on trend for quite awhile now, but it is really gaining steam with lighting fixtures and home accessories. Industrial accessories typically include unpolished metal, wood, filament bulbs and other raw materials like brick or iron. Popular materials are bronze, brass or anything that evokes an antiqued feel or an unfinished look.
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Filament Lighting Favorites: Summer Edition
As each season changes, so do our favorite lighting fixtures and home decor accessories. We keep a page updated with the Filament Lighting staff favorite fixtures just so our customers can know what is trending in the lighting world. Some of our current favorites include oversized clocks, beautiful mirrors and, of course, a couple of lighting fixtures that we cannot live without right now. Here are five of our favorite pieces for summer of 2016:
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Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fans
Now that the weather has finally turned to the beautiful spring that we love and deserve, it is finally appropriate to think about ceiling fans. We all know that fans come in shapes, sizes and colors of all sorts, but fans also differ in functionality. There are different styles for indoor and outdoor, wet, damp and dry locations.
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How-To: Layered Lighting
There are so many things we love about lighting, but one aspect we are particularly fans of is how you can layer it. Good in-home lighting isn not just about finding the perfect light fixture to hang over your dinner table.
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